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"It has been nearly a year since I first made contact with you Stephen in regards to breeding with Roxie and in that year not only have you supported us along every step of the way but your knowledge and love for the breed has been exceptional and you have also helped me understand the breed in greater detail I know that no matter what and how trivial something may be you always have the answer, our experience with you has been amazing and I for one will not look in any other direction but to Delwires, you are by far a loving caring and knowledgeable person for the WHFT breed, but also now a friend who I'm glad to have :)" Helen Bailey

Hi Stephen

A big thank you for all your help with Nellie ( Trooper Cooper Maidens Crew). She is a dream. We just adore her.

I need to let you know just how good the Delwire service is. As you know we already had a WHFT called Dexter. Dexter was bred by a Cruft's breeder on a farm and not in a family environment. He has inflammatory bowel disease. His in bred coefficient is more than twice the breed average.. While I can't say this was the cause of his illness I can't help thinking it was a factor.

When we got Dexter he didn't know how to play with toys etc. Nellie on the other hand arrived so well socialised that I can't thank Debbie (owner of mum Meg) enough. She was almost house trained, extremely confident and sleeps though the night. I can't stress strongly enough the difference between a dog born in a barn and one born in a family. I shall do my best to make sure nobody else ever makes this mistake. With hind sight Dexter behaved as if his first experience was a Romanian orphanage while Nellie behaved as if she had arrived from the Ritz.

Thanks again Stephen for all your help. Your advice has been 100% sound. Hope you have recovered from being in hospital and we shall try to make it to a Delwires walk one day,
Kind regards

Tim, Maeve and Emma Cassidy 

Hi Mr Delaney
I mailed you back through your site earlier I hope you received it, I am the proud owner of Lottie(2 spot) from Paddy and Darling girls litter. She is a gorgeous little cracker! We cannot believe how well she is settled, that is probably due to the fact I have visited her every day since birth! Since the 1st day she arrived with us Lottie has slept through the night, she comes to call, toilet training is going brilliantly, and we have pretty much mastered sit! She seems to be getting fitter and quicker by the day, and has definitely found her voice(which we find hilarious...) I am hoping to try her on the clicker next week as she is doing so well. Lottie is a little fussy regarding food....she definitely prefers the finer things in life! We took her to the vet for her 1st jab last week, the vet was so impressed with her, really pleased with her over all condition and how a calm and relaxed she was, Lotties only objection was having her temp taken!
Our family have always had working dogs, gun dogs and Jacks so having a whft is a new but exiting experience.
I am delighted that Foxy met Paddy so we have ended up with our little bundle of trouble! I have researched the breed extensively but I would be really grateful if you could pass on any information, hints and tips that we would find useful, benefiting from your experience.
We were very impressed with your site, we felt it was both informative and interesting. I particularly enjoyed reading about Nellie.
The week before we took Lottie home we were camping in the lakes and met a couple who were interested in whft, I hope you don?t mind but I gave them your details as Wendy had recommended your service so highly, I believe the couple are from Gateshead Newcastle.
I would be grateful for any info you can pass on,
Kind Regards
Gill & Lottie (pretty ballerina)
Hi Stephen,
Thought I'd just drop you a line to let you know how we are all getting on.
Barney is a complete star. We went out into Exeter today. There was a craft fair on the cathedral green and it was teeming with people. We carried Barney around so that he could get used to people but stay safe. Everyone fell in love with him - and he was super friendly to everyone (a very social little chap!). The number of people that came over to fuss was amazing and several people had stories to tell of fox terriers that they had as a child or that their grand parents had. We got chatting to a lovely lady who is in her 70's. She had one when she was 6 and said it was her best friend. She'd had other dogs since but none came close to her foxxy! She said she'd love to have one again now she is home alone and so I gave her your number if that's OK. I thought you could maybe let her know when you had some due again or if you knew someone who would be - if she called.
Barney is being very good (but a bit mischievous as expected!) He is defiantly makes his voice heard at times as well as tried out those digging claws!!!! He's already met the vets at the surgery a couple of times - once for a general check up as they were convinced we had to have his jabs early - although changed their mind when we got there and so gave him a general look over, and then he had to go the other day as had a tick embedded and engorged on his snout! That would be because he can't keep his nose out of anything!!! Any mound of grass, flowers, weeds or twigs he's straight in - bum in the air, tail wagging frantically! We have some stuff now which will help repel plus a tick remover just in case! He wasn't bothered by it at all but we thought we better get the pros to deal with it!!
He's got some character. We went to visit my parents today who have just moved house. They have quite a large Colly who can be a bit grumpy but harmless. Ben (their dog) decided to growl at little Barney so plucky little Barney told him what for with a big old bark!!! Ben hung his head in shame!
He's a complete joy to have at home and I certainly can not wait for my summer holiday when we can be out and about on big adventures.
I hope you are all well at your end. I'll forward some more pictures soon. Take care
Janie, Dale and Barney
 Dear Stephen
Thank you for your e mail
Bertie is settling  in well to his new home
He is a lovely,bright, happy dog who has brought lots of fun with him.We  suddenly have lots of visitors  who are not the least bit interested in us.
We took him for a look at the sea yesterday,I think he's going to like walks on the beach,I will send photos.I have officially joined the website so will be in touch
Thank you for everything
Best wishes

 Hi Stephen

its good to hear from you,sorry for the delay in replying i'm sometimes a bit rubbish at checking my emails. 
Glad to hear Paddy and Fern are doing well, sounds like Paddy has been a busy boy!!!! Bless him.
Ronnie is doing well, she can be quite naughty and is still a bit free and easy with the nipping which she gets into trouble for, but on the whole she's getting there. Jess has taught her to catch a ball which she loves and she is still keen on my yoghurt pot when i've finished with it or sometimes before if i leave it on the settee and turn my back for a minute!!!!
We did have a bit of a scare two weeks ago and ended up at the emergency vets at 10 pm. She'd been out with Jess and when she came home she was really quiet and not herself at all, i thought she'd worn herself out with the long walk and loads of playing but she'd started dripping like a tap, not like when they want your dinner but a constant dripping. I left her for about half an hour and there was no change so we got her down the vets, after a two hour wait she was actually a lot brighter and the dripping had practically stopped but i still wanted her checked out. I was worried about poisoning or a twisted gut neither of which could wait until the morning. He was really thorough and very reassuring. he thought she has tonsillitis and had licked something to aggrevate her tonsils even further or she'd licked something that she was allergic to. She had an anti inflammatory injection and has been as right as rain ever since. So one very late night and a hefty bill later it was nothing to worry about really but i couldn't leave her.
i must try and get some photo's off my phone on to my laptop and send them to you so you can see how she's doing. Should she be clipped at a certain age or time of year? I'm thinking of booking her in soon but obviously she's not one yet and i don't want to ruin her fur if you are supposed to wait until she's a certain age.
Thanks again for email and although its a bit delayed Happy New Year to you and yours. Keep in touch.
Dear Stephen

No problem.  Having been meaning to write to you for last couple of days but I just haven't had a chance to sit down at my computer!

He was a very good boy on the way home - after panting for about 30 mins he settled down and slept for most of the journey.   Not much howling. Cried a little bit - I think he was searching for his brothers but he has now found the mirror and this seems to keep him company!  He seems really happy - gets lots of cuddles, bounces around the place, does loads of playing and investigating in the garden.  Hates the rain and falls asleep in the sunshine.  Very few accidents -mostly our fault for not taking him out after a drink etc.  Seems to be responding well to discipline - he knows when I put him in his basket in the sitting room he is not allowed out otherwise he goes into the kitchen.  I think he loves us all - goes from lap to the other for a cuddle and play.

Keep you updated.  Thanks for yours and Sylvia's hospitality on Saturday.

Kind regards
 Dear Old Dad,

Just to let you know that I have settled in really well and my new 
mummy and daddy have attached some photos to let you see how well I'm 

My mummy and daddy took me to the vets last night and the vet gave me 
a big jag....they said I needed this so I can get out for walkies.....
so I trust them.   AND....she stuck a big thermometer up my bum and 
then looked in my ears and my mouth.   She then weighed me and said I 
was really healthy so mummy and daddy are really happy.

Mummy is going to send some other photos on a separate email because 
she can't get the rest of the photos attached to this email.

Mummy is really happy with my toilet training.   I've only peed in the 
house 2 or 3 times and I usually wake mummy up during the night because 
I don't like doing the toilet in my cage.  Mummy is a bit tired but she 
would prefer that I got her up to let me out rather than getting up to 
a messy cage.  I think I've put on a little bit of weight since I got 
her.  I used to be able to squeeze through the puppy gate but I'm 
struggling a wee bit today.

Anyway best go for now but I will keep in touch to let you know how 
much chaos I am creating!

Lots of love,


Puppies Page and News 

We currently have no puppies of our own available but we do offer puppies from selected bitches whose puppies have been sired by Paddy this allows us to continue to offer home bred and well socialised puppies from loving homes and proven selected stock.undefined

We ensure that the we only offer puppies that are from "Paddy Power" and selected bitches, the puppies are as we would expect from our own bitch, home reared and well socialised with the appropriate injections, health checked and in perfect condition when you collect your puppy from it's birth home.

You will be expected to visit the puppy in its birth home at least twice before you collect it and give the puppy it's name before it's eyes open on or about the 14th day this ensures a bond is developed between you and your puppy and allows less margin for error for both parties.

When the puppy reaches 8 weeks old it is ready to leave for it's new home, remember the name you pick will be the only name the puppy will ever know, so think wisely as you may be standing out in the street calling it out! You will receive photo updates and emails informing you of how your puppy is growing and how it's character is developing.

If you wish to register your interest  just go to the contact page on this site and either send us an email or telephone, don't hesitate to ask as many questions as you like no matter how big or small, we are always happy to talk about WHFT's! undefined


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Paddy has become a father again after 3 litters this month and several more next month and into April