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The Arrival of a Wire Haired Fox Terrier Called "Nellie"

Nellie was my first Dog and she arrived on the same day as I did at 49 Meadow Road, she with my Dad who had bought her in one of his favorite watering holes and me from my Mum, delivered by Mrs James a knowlagble lady who lived across the road.

The doctor and my dad had both been summoned to be at the birth but where too late, arriving after I did, my Dad by way of an explaination tried to swing my mother round by showing her this fine puppy he had bought, just as he was about to get an earfull a loud knock came from the front door and my Dad put the puppy down and raced to answer the door.

"Hello doctor he's upstairs go and have a look" the doctor,  called doctor McBaine went up the stairs and on entering the room called down to my Dad "which one have I come to admire Tom" my Dad shouted back "the pup of course have you ever seen finer"

Well thats the version I've been told as I'm sure you will understand my merories of the incident are a little faded.