Delwires Fox Terriers

Breeders of Wire Haired Fox Terriers

Personality & Traites

If you want a dog that is challenging, fun loving and never boring, get a Wire Haired Fox Terrier.

If you want to get fit and become less of a couch potato, the WHFT will certainly help you do that but as soon as you are back home and relaxing on the settee your WHFT will be snuggled up to you on the settee as well.

If your confidence is waning, don't let your WHFT know it, He or She will be happy to run the household and boss you around too. Early socialisation and obedience training is well advised and establish a routine and make sure they know who's in charge, they won't always acknowledge it, but at least they will know it!

Wire haired Fox Terriers are extrovert, self-assured, happy, friendly, strong-hearted, lively and full of antics, playful, overly confident, risk takers, courageous, a bit sneaky and mischievous in a nice way and above all wonderful companions. 

They see themselves as top dog (well they did earn the title) - but this can sometimes get them into trouble with other dogs.

Once you have a Wire, he will expect to be treated like one of the family and get your undivided attention most of the time. He will follow you around and check out everything you are doing. If you're not doing anything, he'll try to change that.

Are you getting the picture? This is not a boring dog!!!

You could and should work on the "return" command as often as possible with your Wire Haired Fox Terrier, It is probably the most valuable, though not always followed, command for you to instil in your dog. 

Wires are very inquisitive and strong-minded. They are not wilfully naughty, but sometimes other things are just too enticing and interesting for them to come when called!

Training a Wire Hair Fox Terrier requires a lot of patience and consistency, they are very intelligent, confident and playful. Being aware of this can help an owner choose the techniques that will best get their attention, having done this, they enjoy learning and catch on quickly, but keep a sense of humour when your Wire is being less than cooperative, the key to training is consistency and routine.