Coat and grooming

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The Wirehaired Fox Terrier has a double coat; the top coat is coarse and appears twisted and broken. The undercoat is softer and finer and Shedding is minimal.

Show dogs require regular hand stripping of the coat, which a keen owner can learn to do, or leave it to a professional, you should always find a groomer who is familiar with the breed.

See Della and H below going for their regular cut at Pukka Paws near Nottingham.

A pet WHFT does not need to be hand stripped, you can have them clipped but once you have a dog clipped it cannot be hand stripped.

 Hand stripping keeps the coat looking it’s best and skin in excellent condition and keeps the colour of the dog crisp and vibrant.

For daily maintenance, keep your bristle brushes and comb at hand and a 5minute brush 3 times a week is generally good enough, unless they get in a mucky state then into the shower.

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