Care of your puppy

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Puppies will try and push the boundaries when ever they spot the opportunity and especially when teething.
It is important that all your family household sing from the same Hymn sheet, be firm using a loud NO! when pup is doing something you don’t want him/her to be doing shout NO! loudly, if pup continues try the following put some rice or dry pasta in a plastic bottle and as you say NO! Shake the bottle.
If this doesn’t work pick him or her up and place in their crate with no eye contact and leave for 10mins or until the puppy is quite, after this let the puppy out but don’t speak or look at it for 10mins.
It’s about this time 10-14wks your puppy will be teething a good tip for managing this is to give your puppy frozen carrots this will sooth it’s gums and help loosen the milk teeth that it’s shedding.”

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