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The Wire Haired Fox Terrier


The Wirehaired Fox Terrier, as the name implies, was bred to assist in the pursuit of foxes, this breed is believed to be descended from the black and tan working terrier, a now extinct breed that originated in Wales and the northern regions of England.

The word Terrier comes from Terrafirma  to describe dogs that will pursue and fight prey under the ground.

Terrier dog breeds are among the most ancient, having been spotted and written about at the time of the Roman invasion of England.

Until 1984, the Wire hair Fox Terrier was coupled with the Smooth Fox Terrier under one breed, with two varieties, the apparent difference between the two, is the coat, though some experts believe they also differ in their ancestry.

Both are undeniably a very handsome dogs with a great deal of personality and zeal about their demeanour. The Wire Haired Fox Terriers popularity has been endorsed many times over by being chosen the top dog more than any other breed at many prestigious Dog Shows.

Appearance: Height: Up to 16.5 inches Weight: 16-18 lbs.

Colour variations: Mainly white with black, tan, or White with Tan markings, this colour variance is called a Ginger