About Us And Our Dogs

We are a family dedicated to the dogs we keep and the puppies we breed, We live in a village situated on the boarders of Staffordshire and Shropshire and our dogs benefit from an abundance of country paths and open spaces.

The dogs are exercised on a regular  basis and they accompany us on most of our walks to the village shops and “H” especially enjoys the occasional walk to the pub, where he meets up with lots of people and other dogs in the dog friendly bar of The George and Dragon!

“Paddy”  is an excellent Wire Haired Fox Terrier, with superb bloodlines, counting many UK and International Champions in them, he has 28 UK and International Champions in his first 5 generations alone, whilst still only scoring 7.1 in the Kennel Clubs inbreed coefficient, which makes him excellent for breeding.

He is a wonderfully well balanced and tempered example of his breed and he lives as a much loved family pet with our other dogs, he loves children, just ask my 3.5 year old grandson they are inseparable, he has a gentle nature with other animals and he is regarded as one of the Village characters.

Paddy, really has an everyone’s my friend attitude to life, with a natural sense of humor which people adore him for.

We have two brood bitch’s, “Autograph Rose at Delwires” and “Glymore Trixie at Delwires” both beautiful examples of the breed and our retired bitch “Delwires Fiery Fern” who again is a brilliant dog she has the poise of movement that when you see her walking it look’s as if she is taking you for a walk, her puppies have been tremendous and we keep in close contact with all our puppies owners and we are always happy to receive emails, photos and visits from them.

“Fern” came to us when she was just under 12months old and she had a number of issues created by her previous owner but with love and care these have pretty much vanished, she like all our dogs is a people person who loves fuss in great measure and is known to give you a couple of tap’s with her paw if you are not fussing and stroking enough.