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My name is Stephen and welcome to the Delwires website, I have been involved with Wire Haired Fox Terriers all my life. Literally as on the day I was born, my father bought me my first ever Wire Haired Fox Terrier called Nellie. She lived for 14yrs of great years but those years where full of fun and friendship. In her memory, I have added a page about Nellie and some of her antic’s, so take sometime and read some stories of her fun adventures.
After owning a WHFT for over 60yrs, the first thing I would say to anyone who has never owned a Fox Terrier but is interested in owning one, is to read everything you can on the breed and even more so about it’s quirks.

They are superfunny, affectionate,  loyal, intelligent & ignorant in equal measure but once you have owned one you won’t want any other breed. A little bit more about Fox Terriers, there are two types of the breed, the Wire and the Smooth haired some people like to describe them as two different breeds, this is not true! I have had and bred both and they are inseparable in regard to temperament, tenacity and that quintessential aloofness that only a Fox Terrier can deliver with such poise. The breed is on the small side of medium and has a wonderful loving temperament, they love exercise this doesn’t have to be excessive but it is important that whatever you do with a Fox Terrier it must be consistent as they love routine. People say that Fox Terriers don’t moult this is not strictly true as they shed their coat constantly but light grooming will prevent any problems, their coats or fur does not appear to irritate people with allergies to dogs, much like poodles.They are always at the centre of any social circle where everywhere they go, much like all our dogs, Gregarious, out going, fun loving socialites, home breed, well socialised and stuffed to the brim with love and fun! you will  never be alone when have a Fox terrier with you!

Wire Haired Fox Terrier Breeder

Delwires are ethical breeders of low inbred coefficient, Wire Haired Fox Terriers. The Wire Haired Fox Terrier is a breed full of passion and love and with a little bit of mischief thrown in for good measure.

Our current stud dogs:


“Camiro of Assuming Arabesque at Delwires” known as “Camiro”, Sired by “Danfox Fernando” multi-international champion Denmark, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungry, Austria, Junior Campion of Slovakia, Austria and Belgium. “Dame is Zara of Assuming Arabesque was 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, JCL WINN, RBIS has an outstanding reputation for his roguish sense of humour and non-stop play and his wonderful temperament! Bred in Serbia and imported into the UK in March of 2014 to help refresh the UK Wire Haired Fox Terrier bloodlines.

Camiro is registered both with the UK and Serbian Kennel Clubs, his father Danfox Fernando is a 14 x International Multi Champion, affording Camiro an Excellent Pedigree and enjoying some of Europe’s finest bloodlines and yet enjoying diverse Genetics and having a fantastic inbreeding coefficient of just 3%.

Camiros Mother is “Zara of Assuming Arabesque” who is a 5 x Eastern European international champion.


“WireFire Heavy Metal at Delwires” known as “H”  was Best of breed 4 times, Very Promising five times and Best of Show, he is an excellent choice as a stud to your bitch. He is son of “WireFire Castaneda” Junior Champion Ukraine, Junior Grand Champion Ukraine, Best of breed 3 times, Best of Show 6 times, CACx7, CACIBx2, R.CACx1 & WireFire British Style, JCH UA, BOBx4, CACx9, CACIBx2, he has an excellent temperament, having won Best of Breed puppy five times, Best in Show twice and was votes Very promising. He truly is a really great example of everything good about the Wire Haired Fox Terrier breed and enjoys a very full and active life across the fields and lanes of this wonderful part of Staffordshire.

Check Dog titles for above acronyms

The Annual Breed Average inbreeding coefficient for the WHFT is currently 11.7% (Nov 2019). The inbreeding coefficient between Camiro and Amber is 0.

Follow this link to check the Kennel Club Inbreeding Coefficient for Wire Haired Fox Terriers.

Follow the link to find out the potential inbreeding coefficient of the pups mating your bitch with Camiro. Enter for the Sire – Camiro Of Assuming Arabesque At Delwires 

Follow the link to find out the potential inbreeding coefficient of the pups mating your bitch with H. Enter for the Sire – WireFire Heavy Metal at Delwires

No mating will be allowed if any potential mating results with puppies which would have an inbred coefficient of above 8%. This decision is based upon 20 years of research carried out by The Institute of Canine Biology on all pedigree breeds. They stated that for the Wire Haired Fox Terrier to have a sustainable healthy population moving into the future, they should never be bred with an Inbred Coefficient above 8%.   

Wire haired fox terrier breeder


Dealing with Delwires? Never respond to any other email address or telephone number than those stated on this website or our Facebook page the contact details are:  

Telephone (Mobile). 0044  (0)7970180157 or (Landline) 0044 (0)1785822861

Email: [email protected]

Delwires Wire Haired Fox Terriers
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Sylvia Delaney
Very knowledgable and well bred low co efeiency beautiful dogs
Fi Hyde
Stephen is so passionate and knowledgeable about Wire Fox Terriers, he spent a long time discussing with us on the... phone and explained the process of waiting for the right puppy to us in great detail. We waited patiently (the children not so patiently) and so pleased to finally have our little puppy home with us now. He came from a loving family home and is settling in very well. We are pleased to be part of the Delwires community 🐶read more
Rachel Kingsmill
Once I decided to get a wire hair fox terrier, I quickly decided that a Delwires was right for me. I didn’t want to... show the dog, but I wanted a sufficiently good blood-line to ensure that he would be healthy. I didn’t have to wait too long for Ser Jorah, as the Abergavenny gang were already a couple of weeks old. From the day that Ser Jorah came to live with us, Oct 5th 2019, he made himself right at home. He’s such a big personality, and so fun, and full of life! I can’t imagine how we ever managed without him. At 16 weeks, he’s growing into a beautiful, happy, healthy, bundle of joy. Stephen, thank you for making this family complete. 🐶💙read more
Christopher Jones
I woud highly recommend Delwires Wire haired Fox Terriers and Stephen Delaney. We tragically lost our WHFT in early... March due to health problems, I researched extensively because I wanted reasons to why my beloved Tess died at only 9 years old, the same name kept coming up, Stephen Delaney, I contacted Stephen and told him what had happened, Stephen gave me some excellent advice and invited my wife and I to a Delwire walk, although hesitant of attending without a dog, we went to what turned out to be a memorial walk for Stephen's retired stud dog Paddy Power, the respect everyone had for Stephen was humbling, I walked the 3 miles back with Stephen, listening intently to his wisdom and love of the breed, my wife and I decided there and then that we needed another WHFT in our life. Stephen put us in contact with Anne and Bryan whose dog Nancy had recently had a litter, we went and met Anne and Bryan the same day and selected our little girl puppy Cassie, she was 2 weeks old, Anne and Bryan invited us to see Cassie whenever we wanted to, they were absolutely fantastic to us, over the following 6 weeks we wnt to see Cassie as often as we could and Anne and Bryan were brilliant, sending pictures and videos and telling us about Cassie's personality and mischief, they just couldn't do enough for us. We are now the owners of the most fantastic, beautiful, intelligent, mischievious and most important healthy puppy we coudn't be prouder, so a big thank you from us to Stephen Delaney and Delwires Wire Haired Fox Terriers and also to Anne and more
Sulawan Thompson
we are now on on second dog from delwires wire haired fox terriers in 4 years with Stephen ive found to be a very... honest genuine guy who s knowledge of the breed is endless and always a pleasure to speak with and the breeding of his dogs are excellent perfect example s of a w.h.f.t cant recommend highly enoughread more
Sarah Peel
Choosing the dog for you can be a hard one. But then finding a good breeder can be impossible. I count myself very... lucky to have fallen for such a wonderful breed and a breeder whose whole ethos is around breeding the best, healthy dogs with little or no inbreeding. I’ve enjoyed all communication with Stephen who is so passionate about these dogs. We collected our little Milo on Saturday bred from Camiro. What a feisty little man we have. Beautiful markings, happy and best of all healthy! Charles the breeder and owner of the mum, Etty, was just as fab and passionate about these dogs. I cannot wait for this little one to grow up! And I will never buy elsewhere again! Thank you Stephen, Charles and all at Delwires for the fantastic work you are doing to keep this wonderful breed pure. I cannot wait to meet more at the next Delwires Walk. 🐾💗🐾read more
Timothy Farnsworth
I don't know where to start,Stephen has been amazing from the first phonecall , when I got maisie from a puppy, and she... wasn't from him, hes has gave me the best advice from then,so much knowledge and love for the breed!!!! then we had maisie sired by camaro!!! and Stephen was fantastic again! ! all the way through her being in pup,no matter what time of the day or night ,always there for advice and encouragement , from when she went in Labour through to birth,sadly we had a still born pup,but he was there with all the right things to say and do , can't credit you enough my friend !!! such a credit to wire hair fox terrier # legend !!!!! # friend for life!!!! Thanks again Stephen!!!read more
David Wakelam
Once we had decided on the breed of dog we wanted we asked for recommendations for a breeder. There was so many people... saying Stephan Delaney at delwires we decided to make contact with him. From the very start we new we had found someone with a lifetime of knowledge and love and welfare of the breed. Now we have our very own wft named Bonnie. Can highly recommend Delwires for all things more
Dave Greening
An excellent way for anyone new to raising or owning wire fox terriers to gain valuable information and tips on the... breed from someone who has an extraordinary level of knowledge of the breed. Also the oppprtunity to share and view the antics these little rascals get up to. It is also an opportunity to meet other whft owners at specially arranged walks and meets. Well I have finally managed to acquire my Delwire puppy - Rasputin’s Revenge aka Razza. Thanks to Stephen Delaney for providing me with a well socialised and happy puppy, with a zero breeding co-efficient. I have only just taken possession of Razza, who is certainly well balanced. He slept in this morning until 7.45 am with no sign of any sort of distress, amazing since it was his first night away from his mum. He has taken to the puppy pads straight away and even managed to toilet outside. A truly amazing dog, which speaks volumes of how he has been home reared. He is so laid back, even the clay pigeon shoot in a nearby field didn’t phase him. He is an excellent example of how a fox terrier puppy should be, a credit to Stephen and a reward for all the obvious hard work he has put in to producing such a wonderful dog. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Stephen Delaney to anyone who may be looking for a WHFT puppy. Cheers more
Caroline Kubilius
I have just joined this website and have had a long discussion with Stephen Delaney as we are about to begin a... fantastic journey towards having a WHFT. He was informative and knowledgable and so interesting to talk to. Thank you so much. xread more
Dave Patrick
We started our search for Stanley by contacting Stephen as we had a friend who had a gorgeous dog from him. Immediately... I was struck not only by his knowledge of the breed, but with his obvious passion and love for the dogs and the pups he bred. He was very thorough in checking our expectations versus what the breed's characteristics are and once we had been on one of his organised walks, we were convinced that Stephen's dogs were the ones for us. He kept in constant contact during the waiting period and was excellent in reviewing litters and availability. I also have no qualms asking for information now Stanley is here and growing (rapidly). In summary, our family owes a debt of gratitude to Mr Delaney as we have a gorgeous, funny and totally loyal dog. Cannot recommend him and his dog's highly enoughread more
Ady Green
What a fantastic service you provide with expert knowledge and advice resulting in a very very happy home with a very... happy Delwires WHFT. Thank you so muchread more
Kayleigh Haith
Stephen I would like to thank you for making our family complete again! We are very happy with our new family member,... Ginny fits in perfectly. I feel privileged to have such a wonderful dog and now be part of Delwires. The whole experience for us was brilliant, we watched the litter grow and had daily updates whether it be videos or pictures. I also know that I could ring Stephen or Debbie anytime for advice! What more could we ask for? I would recommend Delwires to anyone, not only will you get a beautiful puppy with fantastic breeding and from a loving home but you will also have a lifetime of support. Thank you again Stephen for putting your trust in us to have one of these amazing dogs, I personally will be forever grateful �read more
Julie Parry
Thanks to Stephen and Debbie/Kevin we have our gorgeous Teddy. Could not recommend enough and even thinking about... number two already!!!read more
Charlotte Delaney
Rob Hewitt
Leonah Pattison
We have just been and picked up our gorgeous girl Rosa one of Roxie’s DC Hero’s litter and from start to finish of... our journey has been fantastic everyone involved have been very helpful and full of great knowledge about the breed thanks to Stephen for putting us in touch with Debbie such a lovely family and and hope to stay intouch with u all would highly recommend Delwire WFT if anyone interested in the breed thanks again Stephen xxxxx�����read more
Sue Harris
When we were informed we were to have a Delwires puppy we were very excited. These pups are much sought after due to... the many years of careful breeding and therefore very low inbreed coefficient of every litter. We were invited to meet the litter on several occasions , also mum, the beautiful Amber and Sire Camiro, a magnificent dog. Stephen and Sylvia made us most welcome on each occasion and we were given as much expert advice and information we could ask for, Stephen's knowledge of this breed is second to none and his support continues after he hands over his puppy, we know if we have a query he will have the answer. We have had our puppy, one of the BA Crew for 3 weeks now and he slept through the night from the very start with no problems. He is such a funny, intelligent, inquisitive and lovable little boy, tearing around causing havoc one minute and then climbing onto your lap for a sleep. He obviously thinks he's right about everything (when he can be quite vocal) but understands the command "no" which I think must have been taught by Stephen from an early age. We are now looking forward to being able to take him out to meet other dogs and we're sure he'll continue to be just as friendly. Thank you Stephen and all at Delwires for all your very hard work and dedication, we feel privileged to be the owners of a Delwires Wire Haired Fox more
Maxine Clarke
Thank you Delwires, we have the most beautiful male dog Grouchie.
Paul Murphy
I shan't go into every single reason to why I would highly recommend Stephen and Delwires because I'd run out of... plaudits. Initially talking to Stephen on the phone to gain information on the breed to meeting him on a delwires walk prior to my purchase, I was struck by the knowledge and professionalism of the man. Every person who turned up on that walk had a warm welcome, and as I was stood with him, every dog that disembarked from a vehicle, he knew by name and their bloodline. Needless to say I bought my beautiful puppy Luna, and I couldn't be happier with the process from start to finish. Summing up. And old-school guy who knows his stuff and more importantly cares. Cheers Paulread more
Sue Belcher
After a long wait we have our puppy Tilly! What can I say she has changed our life! Wherever we go we get stopped which... Tilly loves as she laps up all the attention. Stephen is alway there on the end of the phone to help with any question we have. Yes we could of brought a WHFT from somewhere else but I do feel reassured that our puppy has come from the good healthy line of Delwire's which Stephen is so passionate about! We are part of the Delwire family now and look forward to meeting other members in December when Tilly is a little more
Daniel Joseph Mellor
After a lot of research of breeders, we got in touch with Stephen and from then on we knew we were going to go with... Delwires. Stephen's knowledge is second to none and he explained everything we needed to know about the WHFT breed. Stephen uses his knowledge to bring very healthy pups into the world and prides himself on the low inbreeding coefficient he achieves. Because you are getting a very healthy pedigree dog there is a wait but Stephen keeps you updated through every step until your puppy is born, where you then get regular updates on their development. In a nutshell, I am glad I got in touch with Stephen as I am now sat with the most gorgeous puppy who is going to be my best friend for many years and it is lovely to know I am now part of the Delwires more
Cherry Hughes
I always said if ever i was lucky enough to have another dog, i would love to have a WHFT in our lives, but didn't know... how to go about it,so decided to go on line and do some research.The name Stephen Delaney kept popping up and i'm so grateful that it did. From our first telephone conversation, to meeting Stephen and walking his beautiful dogs Amber and Camiro, then later meeting and playing with the gorgeous paddy Power,we knew we were on the right track!!.Stephens dedication,knowledge and love of this breed is simply amazing.This beautiful Delwires puppy we call Dylan has just come into our lives and are we blessed, he is from the Brighton Boys Club, born to Imogen and Camiro and cannot begin to thank Teresa and Simon and of course Imi and Hattie for all the love and care for these very special puppy dogs!! The beautiful photos and videos you sent are simply priceless, one very proud owner!! How lucky are we and to be part of this lovely family called Delwires, so looking forward to meeting up for walks.Feeling very blessed,thank you.Dylan was meant to be....Love Nick & Cherry xxxread more
Jacqui Edgar
We would just like to thank Stephen for our new puppy Yog he is absolutely amazing he has settled in to his new home... and met with all his new family and friends.We can't recommend Delwires enough from start to finish Stephen has been a great help sending us updates on how the birth was going and pictures and videos of the puppies first 8weeks.We also feel confident if we had any questions or needed any advice he would be more than willing to help us out .read more
Katie Duffy
We wanted a dog to bring into our family home, with young children. We chose delwires, after much searching, as their... puppies are reared in family homes. We met Stephen and his dogs (of who Camiro is the dad of our puppy- Peggy) were really happy with the situation and paid our deposit. We found out that week we had a girl puppy allocated to us from a litter nearer to our home. We met with Jo and Dan the owners of our puppy's mum and first saw Peggy when she was 4 weeks old. It was obvious in that meeting she was being brought up in a lovely family home, being handled by children. At 8 weeks we brought Peggy home. She was insured, vaccinated, and microchipped. I can honestly say it's been easier than I thought. I really believe this is because she was reared in a family home with experienced breeders. She's fit into our family really well, and my boys adore her. I haven't had to contact Stephen for help (as yet) but know I can should I need to. The Facebook page is great to see them all growing up. You really do feel part of a community. I'd highly recommend more
Sue Skues
Helen Wright-Grover
We think Stephen has been excellent at finding us a gorgeous little girl puppy. He put us in touch with a lovely lady... who has the mother dog and produced 4 lovely pups. We have since all met up for a walk and chat and now feel very supported by the group we met. When you buy a Delwires puppy you get a wonderful dog and join a great community who love there dogs. I highly recommend them. Helenread more
Stephen Delaney
Susan Taylor
Thank you Stephen for getting us the most adorable, healthy and happy puppy, Teddy.
James Bradbury
Anita Jones
Ad Adbass Warr
Thank you Stephen for all your help and guidance, it was an amazing experience from start to finish. We loved spending... time with Lila and Cam walking around your beautiful village, Adam and myself still giggle at Lilas attempt to pull him into the pub... We loved coming to visit to see yourself, the beautiful dogs and the pups. Bob is settling in nicely and we have christened him a Wire Fox Terror lol.... We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, and you make a grand cup tea... Atyiaread more
Molly Belong
I can't possible begin to say how wonderful my experience has been with Stephen and the process of getting my lovely... Delwire puppy. Stephen is amazingly helpful and always seems to have time and energy to help with any question. Most importantly, Stephen is passionate about providing the best quality dogs in all aspects, health, temperament and they are most certainly some of the most perfect looking Wire Fox Terrier puppies I've ever seen. My puppy has an amazing temperament, has already proven himself to be good with people of all shapes and sizes (even the little ones), and has coped amazingly with his long journey to Aberdeen. He has even managed to cope with an anxious first time dog owner and within three days of coming home, is very nearly house trained and has already learnt to sit on command! Thanks again Stephen and family for helping me to finally realise a dream, 19 years in the more
Yvonne Soones
We recently got our little pup Hooper from Delwires and can thoroughly endorse them. Stephen Delaney was excellent at... advising us from the start of our journey to getting our first dog. His love and knowledge of the breed is outstanding and his enthusiasm amazing. We met the handsome Camiro, Hooper's dad , and then were put in touch with Debbie Wattley the owner of the gorgeous Roxie, Hooper's mum. And what a great mum she is. We cannot thank Debbie, Kevin & the girls enough for the magnificent job they did in raising Hooper and his sister and brothers for the first 8 weeks of their little lives. The experience was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience as did the pups.Debbie daily sent videos and pictures of the pups via WhatsApp and FB so we saw the progress they were making, which at the early stage they change very quickly. All the pups were healthy and lively. Thank you all again. What is great about being part of the Delwires community is during the first few weeks especially,we know that Stephen is there whenever we have any questions, he has seen and experienced most things with the breed and is happy to pass on his knowledge and guidance for which we are very grateful. You are also part of a bigger group of WHFT owners who also can share their experiences. We look forward to meeting up with others on future Delwires get together walks. Yvonne and Fionaread more
Nicola Tummon
Andrew and I would like to say a massive Thank-you to Debbie, Kevin & the girls for helping to bring Lola into the... world and doing such a brilliant job in raising her for the first 8 weeks of her life. We could not be happier with Lola and with the experience we have had since meeting the Delwires community!!! Working with Stephen Delaney and the Wattley's has been very easy and we have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience - receiving daily updates via FB and Whats App from Debbie has been amazing! - Thank-you. Thanks again for everything and we look forward to meeting-up with you all soon! The Tummon's xxxxread more
Sarah Woodfield
An amazing experience from the initial telephone call with Stephen to bringing home Hector from Pauline and Poppy in... Brighton. Hector is a delight and has changed life for the better, we wouldn't be without him now. Stephen is the font of all knowledge of WHFT, we can't recommend Delwires highly enough. Thank youread more
Dawn Ramsay
I have just got a puppy from poppy in Brighton and the service was first class!! Steve helped every step of the way. I... went to see the pup at a week old and had pictures and videos sent with progress! He is a very healthy pup and happy. There is no other way to by a pup!!!!!read more
Ruby Tuesday
Thank you Steven...we have now had little Daisy home for nearly two weeks she is amazing and everything we hoped... for...if a little bonkers! And also a special thanks to Pauline and of course Poppy for raising a lovely more
Sharon Gore
Got our puppy Roxy from Oxford home what a little babe she is Can't fault the whole process of Stephen @ Delwires from... start to finish Quality service offering Quality pups Would recommend 100% Thanks Stephen Si & Sharon Derbyshireread more
Rich Steels
You don't just buy a Delwires pup, you become a part of a fox terrier community and feel part of your puppy family.
Mark Shillito
We love Delwires. From the moment we read about the loving, family home-based ethos and met Steve, who is so... experienced and knowledgable about the breed, the approach just felt right. It leads to beautiful, healthy, happy and well-adjusted puppies. We were able to name our pup, Genevieve, as soon as she was born and then visit her several times in her first 8 weeks. We looked forward to every visit. By the time of our second visit she was coming to her name which Steve has been using from the off. Now we have picked up our little bundle of fun and joy and we couldn't be happier. We have been incredibly impressed with Delwires and the whole process has been great from start to finish. We feel very reassured to have Steve available to dispense advice at the end of the phone if needed, and we really look forward to staying in touch with the wider Delwires family in the future through the Delwires WHFT walks - great fun, good company and all those WHFTs together are quite a sight! Thanks for everything and all the best Steve. Mark and the more
Annie Brierley
You just have to look at all the puppies to see that Delwires are a 5 star company. The special care and attention that... is given is exceptional. Stephen is kind, understanding and patient. Good luck in all you more
Elene Neocleous
This is where your new family begins. I'm so grateful we found papa Stephen. Thank you for everything
Harriet Rushton
Claire Shaw
Going through the process of buying a puppy with Delwires has been one we’ll treasure forever. From the initial call... and visit Stephen took the time to talk to us about the breed and introduced us to his lovely crew. When we decided to go ahead Stephen updated us every step of the way, from conception to birth and beyond. We have not found another breeder who cares as much as Stephen. Stephen is willing to share with you his time and knowledge with no expectation but should you be lucky enough to come away with a puppy from this wonderful breeder you will also come away with a friend and a whole community of more
Linda Dawson
When we first met Stephen on a walk from Gnossall we knew that Delwires was for us. We liked Stephen's honesty and... integrity. We have now had Gertie coming up for a couple of weeks and she is shaping up to be a great dog. On our visit to the vets today to get her second injections the vet said that he thought she was a stunning puppy and that we had done very well. We already knew this of more
Grace Green
What can I say? How to explain in words the joy that having a Delwires puppy has brought to our family. The excitement... of knowing she had finally been born, the visits to meet her and her lovely Mum, the whole process felt so involving that Rosie felt part of our family before we even got her home. Stephen has been really helpful and I know he is always there if needed but Rosie is such a lovely nature that we get along just more
Paul Ballinger
Kevin Cobb
When we finally decided we were going to have a WHFT (started thinking about it 30yrs ago!!) we thoroughly researched... the subject. I have no doubts whatsoever that there are some very good and responsible breeders out there, but the more we read, the more we were convinced that Dewires was the way to go. I can't thank Stephen Delaney enough for all the advice and support we have received leading up to bringing Toby home, and I'm certain it won't stop there. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Delwires to anyone, and hope you are as fortunate as we are to have 2 totally devoted breeders in Stephen Delaney and Adam Davis (Lily's owner)to call upon for advice. Keep up the superb work!!read more
Ben Haggis
I've enjoyed watching and looking at your site for awhile. I currently live in my city centre flat. When I buy a new... house that will have a suitable garden I'd love for some support in buying a new puppy or even two. We cannot wait! Keep up the good work 😉read more
Andy Ginn
Rowan Cottage
Although Were not proud owners (parents) of a Delwires WHFT (Yet!) I know from all of your comments that they are... something VERY special.Kevin and Lynne more
Andrew Stokes-Owen
Don't know how only a 3* rating was posted by me originally on 16th Dec as don't remember doing it? Lol. Anyway, think... I've deleted that & posted hopefully what has correctly been rated by me as 5*. Not only have I got the best Wire boy "Sir Thomas Of Marley" you could wish for, I've made some fantastic new friends too & always look forward to the Delwires get togethersread more
Nicky Solomon
I have known Stephen for a number of years now and have always received the wisest of advice and support about FTs in... both good and bad times - he is always there to listen and make things easier. And now I have one of Paddy's puppies...... at last - finally a companion for my beloved Pippin, my 5 year old more
Joanna Shires
We didn't just just come, hand over money and leave, it was a long process and along with our wonderful Granville... Claude we have made firm friends with lovely lovely old school decent people who ,like us, look on their dogs as family. And that's just what it is, a lovely extended family of Wires and their owners. I look on Stafford as my new get away from it all destination!read more
Teresa Taylor
The support i have had with my Magnificent Seven, has been unbelievable! From before we visited Stephen and Paddy, all... through the tough times of getting Harriet in pup. Stephen was there supporting and now we have the most amazing litter of fluffy bundles of trouble xxread more
Karen Richman
Amazing dogs with great character that will keep you on your toes everyday ... Stephen is always helpful and... supportive if you need any advice .. Not to mention Paddy the super daddy !read more
Alyson Martin
Melissa Cookson
Andy Adamson
Stephen our little delwires northumbrian bonnie Piper has made our household complete, we love her to bits and knowing... that she is from your loving delwires family has made all the more special to apart of this fantastic loving family. Xread more
Trina Ward
Alice Atkey
Emma J Bowen
Chris Everard
Adrian Roberts
Paul Connolly
Delwires wealth of knowledge is extensive. Always willing to share that knowledge and offer tips and support. Got a... question about WHFT ask more
Ben Graves
March 2013 I gave Delwires (Stephen Delaney) a call with an interest of owning a Wire Fox Terrier. I have always had... terriers, including current family pet Rosie (Welsh Terrier) so had a good understanding as to what the breed was all about. From the first call to Stephen he was fantastic, i must have been on the phone to him for over 30 minutes! I realised immediately his passion and love for this breed. His Ethos of only producing Fox Terriers with a low coefficient score which results in the healthiest family pet you will ever own! July 2014 after some wait, lots of visits including Delwires walks we finally collect Eddie, which we were fortunate to come from Paddy and Trixie well worth the wait! Eddie is now almost 13 weeks fully house trained, walks off his lead, comes when called and sits when told, absolutely incredible! Without doubt the most stunning, loyal and healthiest dog i have ever owned. A real true testimony as to what Stephen and Delwires are all about. Look forward to many Delwires walks in the near more
Dave Roberts
Megan Sims
You don't just buy a puppy, you're involved from the moment your puppy is born and it doesnt end when you collect your... puppy, you come away with some good friends tooread more
Andre Mann
Dana Moore Gilbert
Vlasis Alampeis
Joanne Plant
Mark Gibson
Rosie Wickett
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