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Famous Fox Terries 

Where do we know the breed from? 

Firstly I think we instantly picture this iconic dog on four wheels circa 1930's 

Queen Victoria had a Fox Terrier which lead to a rise in it's popularity, with the landed gentry but as people moved from the land to more urban environments it's popularity waned until the Wire Haired Fox Terriers appeared in the thin man series of movies

Astor was the name of the wonderful dog used in "The Thin man" series of movies, a video clip showing Astor and another dog used in a movie with Cary Grant is in our recent videos section for you to watch interestingly it also shows quite a lot of a Fox terriers characteristics.

"Three men in a boat with a dog" was the real title of the book and recent television series in which the dog was indeed a wire Haired Fox terrier also "The adventures of Tin Tin" Snowy was a Wire Haired Fox terrier as well.

I say to people who buy a Wire Haired Fox Terrier puppy from me always allow an extra half an hour to any journey taken with this type of dog as you will be constantly stopped and asked where did you get him or her from , "I haven't seen one of those for years", "my Grandad had one, it was the best dog he ever had", "I had one of those dogs" or "I've always wanted one of those", so if your anti social and a bit of a misery don't have a Wire Haired Fox Terrier!  

When visiting my vets the receptionist said I've just finished a book written by a famous American illustrator which featured one of those dog's, oh what was it called, The Dog That Bit People I said never one of these dogs, she was adamant, so I went to the local library and traced the book yes it was by a famous American illustrator and the book was called The Dog That Bit people, the illustrations where wonderful, but as I suspected it was a case of mistaken identity, in fact the dog depicted and the focus for the whole book was in fact an Airedale well known to deliver a nip or two to some one who is some where they are not supposed to be. In the days of the Tennament houses here in England where six houses would share the same back yard and outside toilet, the family's quite often would group together and purchase an Airedale between them to keep thieves and money collectors at bay, the dogs could remember entire groups of people and not bother but if a stranger came Nip!